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Research has shown that not being active is one of the reasons why kids and adults can become overweight or obese. Here at FreakOut we promote health awareness for kids.

Overweight and obesity happens when kids get more energy from the food they eat than what they burn up from doing physical activity. This extra energy gets stored in their bodies as fat. Being overweight puts a strain on our bodies and causes lots of health problems as we get older. Take a break from the electronic devices and come "Freak Out" with us.


On FreakOut, kids are motivated to be active with the various physical challenges we offer that not only encourage them to work together with other teammates but they have fun doing it as well. Whether its getting slimed, getting drenched from a friendly match of capture the flag or speeding down the intense obstacle course to help your team get as much points and so much more! And mostly all of our events take place at the park so the kids have enough room to play and get to enjoy the fresh air. Please see below for various resources on the benefits of staying healthy, exercising, and many more helpful resources and their families!

   Nutrition Sites for Kids

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Choose My Plate

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Physical Activity (brought to you by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)

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Cool Food Planet

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