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Elite Package

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 1) Freak Out T-Shirts for Gameplay – (choose 2 of the following colors;  Red/Yellow/Blue/Orange)
2) Kids Wham/Bam/Boom Slap Wristbands for Entrance
3) 1 Freak Out Obstacle Course Bouncer PLUS (1) additional bouncer from our collection of  bouncers.
4) Kids Prizes after Gameplay;
    - Bubble Gun
    - Inflatable Bat
    - Fruit Bubble Wand
    - 8 inch Aqua Water Blaster
    - 1st/2nd Place Freak Out Exclusive Medals
5) Professionally Edited Version of the show for your enjoyment posted on YouTube.
  (*Private YouTube Posting option also available.)
6) Freak Out Obstacle Course featuring a Slip N Slide Dash/Tire Run/ Crawl Under Rope     Challenge and Choose 4 additional FreakOut Games from the list below;
    - Freakout Mix: Capture the Flag with Water Ballons.
    - Red Light/ Green Light Pie in Face
    - Zorbing Human Bowling Ball Challenge.
    - Freakout Mix: Ring Toss Challenge
    - Freakout Mix: Water Blaster Challenge
    - Slime Bucket Challenge
    - Lawn Dart Toss
    - Freakout Mix: Relay Race
7) Music Provided
 8) Evite Invitations for event (*additional fee)
Our Mission

Please note: All parties are subject to park availability. Park will need to be reserved before event registration can begin. Also, Please call and make your FreakOut reservation 3 weeks prior to your event date. We want to make sure we give you an experience you will never forget! A minimum of 20 kids are needed to book an event. We can also accommodate larger sizes as well. A Freakout Party Team Coordinator will be able to discuss the above requirements with you as well. Please contact us if your have any questions. We will be more than happy to assist you!

Contact us today and schedule your next event!

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