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FreakOut Games

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Freakout offers a variety of games to choose from to create the perfect package for your event.  You can choose from either a Slime Bucket Challenge, Freakout Relay Race, Red Light/Green Light Pie in Face, and much more. 

The Freakout obstacle course comes with all packages to give players one last opportunity to earn more points for the team to become Freakout champion! Please see below for a list of all games you can choose from;

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Freakout Mix: Capture the Flag with Water Ballons - This isn't your average capture the flag. Players are given the task of capturing the other teams flag but can they withstand the assault of water balloons from the opposing team?

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Red Light/ Green Light Pie in your Face -  Players will race across the field  attempting to grab a hold of the opposing team as DJ Boom calls out Red Light or Green Light but if  your caught moving once DJ Boom says "Right Light" you will be getting a pie in your face! Losing never tasted so sweet!


Zorbing Bowling Ball Challenge -  Whoever knocks down the most bowling pins wins the challenge....sounds easy right? Try doing after you have been spun around a few times. The dizzy effect can make even a simple task turn into something much more complicated and lets face it...something a lot more entertaining! Get your cameras ready for this one!                                                                                         (For ages 8+)

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Freakout Mix: Ring Toss Challenge -  One player from each team will be wearing reindeer antlers on their heads (not for a fashion statement). All other players will be equipped with rings in hopes to get the most rings on the reindeer antlers so they can win the challenge.  Winter is coming early here on Freakout!

Our Mission
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Freakout Mix: Water Blaster Challenge -  The goal of this challenge is to get the most water in the bucket. Where is the bucket located you might be asking yourself? The bucket is located on top of one "lucky" player head from each team. Not getting wet with this challenge is not an option. Any volunteers?


Slime Bucket Challenge -  That's right...slime! In this game you have a 50/50 chance of being soaked by water or by slime.Either way you will be soaked after this challenge. Are you feeling lucky? Our slime is made fresh at every event!!


Lawn Dart Toss Challenge -  1.....2.....3..... THROW! In this challenge players compete head to head to see who can throw the lawn dart the farthest.


Freakout Relay Race -  Players work together throughout this challenge to complete their team specific task in hopes to be the first team across the finish line . No baton necessary for this relay race instead  your team members need the key your carrying to free them so they can jump in their potato sacks and claim the point for the team. Hurry...hurry...there's no time to waste in this race!


Freakout Obstacle Course -  The one and only Freakout Obstacle course is included in ALL packages and it's always the last challenge of the day. And here's why....players start off by going through our Freakout Course Bouncer then hustle through the Tire Run and after all of that running they might need some water so we send them for a quick dash through our Slip N Slide, after heading down the Slip N Slide players will crawl underneath the rope bridge to retrieve a egg to bring back to their team. The team with the most eggs wins! And this is Freakout so every egg counts as a point to your total score so this challenge can give your team the extra boost they need to become Freakout Champ! Are you Ready?

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